What should I include in my request ?

A project application can only be made via a form.

❊❈ Please be sure to read the form and complete it correctly 

Please note that it is important to send me only one form, which is why all requests must be well thought out, serious and complete.

In this form, I ask :

  • The size in cm. “Not too big” or “as in the photo” is not a size. A photo with the size specified with a ruler or a meter is welcome.
  • The location, you can send me a photo of the location with small delimiting lines.
  • The budget, knowing that the minimum price of a tattoo at the salon is €80.
  • The description of your project: written, hand-drawn and/or with inspirational photos. Please note that only giving me the symbolism is not a detailed description.

I would like to point out that it is your responsibility to explain your project to me so that I can visualise and realise it correctly! The important thing is that I understand the project, because I only send the drawing the day before the meeting.

Any request by private messages or other means of communication will not be taken into account. Similarly, if you are travelling, you will not have the chance to meet me without making an appointment.

Please take note and pass the message on. ✔

For any request, I reserve the right to refuse. I consider that for your sake and for the sake of your tattoo, it is better that I enjoy doing it.

I only do fine and rather “feminine” tattoos.

Please take a good look at the style of tattoo I create so that your request can be successful.

Once I have submitted my application form, how do I make an appointment?

Appointments are made through an online diary, the link will be sent on request. It is important to follow the page and to read the instructions on the publication of the agenda.

I only open my diary for one month the month before. So for example: for an appointment in October, please contact me (as requested in the publication in question) in September as soon as I post a message on my page to announce the opening of the link to my calendar. No need to contact me before, the link is only created when I post the message on my page!

Please note that I process requests in order of arrival. There is no need for reminders.  Please note that I process requests approximately every fortnight (except during holidays or lockdowns, when the wait is longer).

In terms of organization, it is very difficult to answer everyone and explain everything.

Unfortunately, I can’t “discuss” to answer all your questions. Please ask in my pinned post on Facebook, on the front page on Instagram or on my website in the FAQ page.

These instructions are clear and explicit. Please take all this information into account before sending me a form. Failure to do so will result in your project not being completed.

❊❈ Thank you very much for being patient 

I wish to continue to practice my art for as long as possible with pleasure and passion.

I am flattered by the enthusiasm that my creations provoke, but my work is above all an artist’s work and not a secretarial one, especially as I am alone to manage everything. It is obvious that it is not practical and easy to reach me, but everything comes to those who wait.