Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, I want you to know that I am here to share my passion with you. I love what I do, and I am here to support you and help you make decisions. Here is a list of questions frequently asked by clients.

The most important thing to know about tattoo care is that you should look after your tattoo as you should look after your skin. During the month of healing, it is strongly advised against swimming, sunbathing, sports or anything else that could endanger your tattoo and your health. The risk of infection during the healing process is very high, so it is up to you to take care of it. You should use healing cream and not rub or scratch the tattoo. For more details, please refer to my treatment sheet.

Before any tattooing act, the future tattooed person must make sure that he can be tattooed. Each of my clients has to tell me before the tattooing act if he is suffering from a disease, if he is taking a treatment etc… I cannot allow myself to tattoo someone with a weakened immune system. So I cannot tattoo a pregnant woman, or a person with hepatitis, STIs/STDs, hemophilia etc… If there is any doubt, the best thing to do is to ask your doctor if it is possible to get a tattoo. He knows your file and your treatment. Each client must also inform me of any flu, cold or other easily transmitted bacteria or virus.

You should not come to the appointment under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The area to be tattooed must be waxed if necessary, and the skin must be well cleaned and cared for (gentle exfoliation, etc.). Do not use any anesthetic cream.

It is best to restrict sports during the healing period, as friction should be avoided as much as possible. You also have to be careful with the high level of perspiration that could alter it.

A tattoo, once the healing period is over, will not change. The only thing that can damage it is UV rays, so protect yourself! Your tattoo is part of your body and will age with you. You’ll need to take care of it by moisturizing regularly.

Yes, it hurts, it’s not pleasant, but it’s bearable. Tattooing is not a harmless act. The pain is very subjective, some will manage it very well and others less. Tattooing can sometimes be compared to hair removal. If you are afraid of being in pain, maybe you are not ready. When you really want a tattoo, you are ready for pain. It’s not easy to endure over time. But it’s also difficult for me when people are in pain, that’s not why I chose to do this job. Above all, don’t use anesthetic cream. The skin changes and doesn’t “respond” as much as before if you apply a patch or a cream. The tattoo might not take well, and it might not heal well. Be strong!

The salon is in VALLET (44330), south of NANTES, in the Loire Atlantique region. VALLET is located between NANTES and CHOLET and between ANCENIS and MONTAIGU, near CLISSON. It is easy to get there with the four-lane road that passes by or the buses that stop there.

For reasons of hygiene which seem obvious to me, tattooing at home is aberrant, firstly because it is illegal, and because logic dictates that the room to be tattooed must be suitable for an act such as tattooing. For this, you need a specialized tattoo room that meets the hygiene standards in force. As far as conventions are concerned, I have never done one and it is not in my plans. I find the atmosphere of a private salon more intimate, more pleasant and less stressful. Come and spend a holiday in the region!

Until the drawing is done, I can’t say how long it will take. I can sometimes give an estimate, because then it depends on you, if you are in pain, if the skin absorbs the ink properly, if you have to take breaks etc… In any case, I don’t do sessions longer than 4 hours, I wouldn’t be as effective beyond that.

No, I’m sorry, I also work all week, so I also need to enjoy my weekends. A tattoo is for life. I feel that sometimes it is necessary to take time off during the holidays or to take a day or a few hours for such an important project.

Yes, but I always redesign my tattoos. Each tattoo is a unique creation. If you ask me for a drawing that exists on the Internet, I will draw it with my own pencil stroke, without copying it. If you don’t have a drawing, that’s okay too. I like to have a small explanatory sketch to better visualize the project. I don’t judge anyone on their drawing skills, of course.

No, for the time being, I intend to keep full control of my business. Taking on an assistant wouldn’t be a solution to make me respond faster. I don’t want to hand over my work to someone else, I like to be able to choose the projects. This person would have to know for me what I can and cannot do etc. I don’t want to work more. My schedule is already very full. I don’t want to get bored with my work. I don’t want to do assembly-line work, I would find it very hard.

In general, I prefer to be alone with my client in order to provide an optimal and truly personalized experience. If you find it necessary to be accompanied for a less stressful situation, this should remain exceptional. The important thing is that it doesn’t interfere with my work.

Due to the current health situation, no one other than the tattooed person will be allowed in the salon.

A tattoo is for life. It is important to take the time to think about it and therefore to be prepared to finance it. It is only possible to pay in installments if the tattoo is done in several sessions. I can’t “get” my work back. It is very offensive and disrespectful to my work if I don’t get paid. It would also be a great loss for me.

A project application can only be made via a form.

Thank you for being well-informed, for reading the form and for filling it in correctly. 

Please note that it is important to send me only one form, which is why all requests must be well-thought-out, serious and complete.

In the form, I ask for :

-The size in cm. “Not too big” or “as in the photo” is not a size. A photo with the size specified with a ruler or a meter is welcome

-The location, you can send me a photo of the location with small delimiting lines.

– The budget, knowing that the minimum price of a tattoo at the salon is €80.

The description of your project: written, hand-drawn and/or with inspirational photos. Please note that only giving me the symbolism is not a detailed description.

I would like to point out that it is your responsibility to explain your project to me so that I can visualize and realize it correctly! The important thing is that I understand the project, because I only send the drawing the day before the meeting.

Noooo please.

Sending me one or more messages on all the different media is not helping me in my “fast” message management. Please know that I process messages in order of arrival. There is no need for reminders. Each new message sent moves your name up the list and becomes a very recent message. 

Please note that I process requests approximately every fortnight (except in case of holidays or confinement, where the wait is longer).

From now on, a request is only made by form and not by message.

In terms of organization, it is very difficult to answer everyone and explain everything.

Unfortunately, I cannot “discuss” to answer all your questions. Please check out my pinned post on Facebook, front page on Instagram or on my website in the FAQ tab.

Before sending the link to make an appointment, I can ask you for a €40 deposit to validate the project. The deposit is a way for me to be sure of your motivation and also to ensure my work.

Be sure before taking an appointment with me of your motivation. The deposit is not refundable. Please also note that it is your duty to make a note in your diary of our appointment, to plan the budget and to do what is necessary to arrive on time. We are all human, we can have some hindrances, emergencies, but please let me know as soon as possible so that I can use my time for someone else.

To be completely transparent, I want to share with you the fact that I do my best to keep my diary as fluid as possible and not have to fill it up over several months in a row. That’s why I prefer to open month by month, so there’s no need to contact me when my schedule is closed, unless it’s to ask me to validate a project. If you have an unexpected event, it would be too complicated to postpone the appointment for months later. It’s very stressful and not very interesting to validate a tattoo project and to realize it only several months later. There is about two weeks of waiting before having a validation of the request, but once I have taken knowledge of your project, the continuation can be fast. All you have to do is to make yourself known as requested in the opening publication of my agenda. 

Please note that my various private messages are not conversations, so please do not send me any messages!

Yes, of course, the only problem with my very feminine and fine style is that it is difficult for me to do a male tattoo. If a man wants mandalas, flowers and other very fine designs, I will gladly tattoo him. Sometimes I can find inspiration for a male project, but it is rare. It is difficult for me to find many ideas in the same theme a second time. It’s easier for me to get unlimited inspiration for a woman than a man. Don’t be offended if your project doesn’t inspire me. There are many tattoo artists who will be happy to do your project.

Yes, I consider it important that the project inspires me and suits my style, so I can put my heart into it. There are also some tattoos that I refuse to do for ethical reasons. I don’t tattoo either when I have never learned the necessary technique (realism, colors…). Finally, I prefer to leave certain types of tattoos like the Polynesian style to the professionals of this art because it is a culture, a language in its own right. I will never judge you. My judgment is only on the project. It’s not that I don’t necessarily like your project, don’t be offended.

Of course, I don’t copy any project that has already been tattooed. Sometimes I don’t have any inspiration for a theme that I’ve already broken down into several tattoos. I understand that you want to redo a tattoo that I have already done a lot of. Unfortunately, there is a moment when the inspiration is no longer there because I have already gone through the theme from top to bottom, so I may refuse certain themes.

I have done some, but it’s not my specialty. Covering is very complicated with my style of fine tattooing. Covering is covering a tattoo with a lot of shadow, and that’s not my style. Some people do it so well. That’s not my field. I sometimes do a little embellishment, but it’s case by case, some might inspire me but it’s very, very rare.

Tattoos on scars are specific. I’m not specialized in this at all. You can only tattoo on a scar if it is more than two years old. With my style, it’s not easy because I don’t have the right to make mistakes, and it’s very complicated. It is therefore case by case, depending on the size, the scar tissue, the shape and the desired project that I can decide. There are tattoo artists who do this very well and are specialized in it. I don’t know enough about it to take the risk if I’m not sure.

Color is not my favorite area. It’s not my style. I really like all black tattoos like lace, calligraphy. Color doesn’t fit into my monochrome style. I find that black and all its shades already offer a very varied palette. Black is enough on its own. I don’t have the necessary equipment or experience either.

Well, no! It’s not possible for me to propose a design without a single project idea. I need a direction, a concept, an idea. A tattoo is unique to each person, so it’s important to find something you like and that fits you. I am not here to choose for you, I give ideas and I shape yours. I can only advise you to look at my creations and flash boards to get inspired.

It is normal to sometimes have to touch up a tattoo. The first touch-up only is free, within 3 months after the tattoo. Any second touch-up or touch-up after 3 months will be charged. I ask for a photo one month after the tattoo in order to estimate if the tattoo needs retouching. If so, I will indicate it to you. After several months, the ink of the retouched part could be different from the rest, that’s why I ask for news quickly only through this mail:

No, I’m sorry, this is a big waste of time for me. It happens that the project does not suit me, that the person is not sure of what they want, or that they do not come back. I prefer to work by form for better organization. It’s easier for me to have a written record of the request because I can’t remember everything even if I take notes during an appointment. I ask for as much information as possible on the form, as we don’t meet, and I can’t choose the design for the client. I send the drawing the day before the appointment, so it is really necessary to specify everything. I don’t draw the designs in advance, so there’s no need to send me a message asking if I’ve already done it. I have a lot of requests, please be patient and respect my working time so that I can send each project as agreed.

A flash is a project that I design for my own pleasure and then offer for sale. The flashes cannot be modified. They can however be used as inspiration for a project. A flash is a unique tattoo because it is tattooed only once. Sometimes I have days dedicated to my own creations. During this day, it is first come, first served. Be careful! The flashes cannot be done at another tattoo artist’s like any other project I design !

The price of a tattoo varies according to its size, location, complexity and composition. The price is also explained by the time of drawing, tattooing, cleaning, management of social networks, the material used, the various investments, insurance, rent, charges… The minimum price of a tattoo in the salon is €80.

You don’t buy a tattoo like you buy clothes, it’s an irreversible act that must be done with the required hygiene standards. It is an investment, it is up to you to make the decision for your body. It is also important to choose your tattoo artist carefully so that you don’t go to the cheapest or closest one, but rather to the one who is best suited to do what you want on you for life.

I do my best to offer you the most pleasant experience. I promote the comfort and exclusivity of the moment.
I care about your emotions, your thoughts, your ideas, your body, your experiences, your questions and hesitations. I am also here to listen and share with you. It is important that you are as committed to the project as I am. It is really important for me that you are relaxed and serene.