My story

Piqûre d’adrénaline was created in 2019. During my art studies, I discovered the world of tattooing. I wish to transmit my passion to all my clients in a calm and good mood. Treating each client with the respect and attention they deserve is my priority. Piqûre d’adrénaline offers a clean environment and appropriate hygiene standards.

❊❈ My goal is to make my clients’ dreams come true 

Where is the salon?

The salon is located in a private studio by appointment only. The address is confidential, and will be sent before the appointment with explanations on how to get there and how to park. The studio is located about 5 minutes walk from the church, but there are several free parking spaces in the street around the studio. 


COVID Information

❊❈ Important: Measures in place at the salon and precautions for the customer 

•  The day before the appointment, I will contact you to check that you have not been in contact with a person carrying the virus in the previous 15 days and that you are not showing any symptoms. 

•  The client is asked to remove rings, bracelets, false nails, etc.

•  Clean your hands with water + soap and/or hydroalcoholic gel.

•  Wear a single-use surgical mask or cloth filter mask.

•  The client must also apply the “NO TOUCH” principle: do not touch your face and do not touch anything at the salon.

•  Each client must come to the salon alone.

Concerning your requests, please read the different posts about “how to make an appointment” as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in order to avoid asking me the same questions several times. And a request is made through the form.

Please note that the validation of projects takes an average of two weeks.

❊❈ Thank you all for your understanding